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Saturn Platform is a trading platform designed to eliminate shortcomings and exchange digital currencies.
The platform was developed to exchange crypto assets directly. This is a combination of distributed protocols and the suitability of direct atomic changes and the reliability of third-party guarantor. The crypto market allows legal and safe transactions for its players. Saturn, which is a crypto money liquidity supplier, is very different from other platforms. This is also an OTC trading platform.
All of these problems can be solved thanks to smart contracts with atomic clearing systems. This is based on the criteria of comfort and reliability. And the help of these criteria, all parties.

The Saturn platform will allow parties to make changes to new technology, which makes it work with different Blockchain. Cross-chain trading from the Saturn Platform will eliminate losses from single-rank trading when exchanging digital assets. The process of transferring digital assets will be processed using a smart contract, and this process will be more optimized.
so the cross-transaction transactions are not often used. This technology will be more acceptable. The effect will be more acceptable.
The goal

To produce another recipe-free (OTC) market, smooth and safe. Saturn sends Exchange Trading Platform and OTC for crypto money depending on clearing cross-chain conventions. Saturn groups gather together for P2P trade which is valuable for traders, organizations and representatives.

First, the clearing protocol is made for atomic exchange only with commission for clearing chain transactions. In Saturn's services, there will be an additional commission of
0.2% for foreign exchange transactions,
0.5-5% for on-board transactions
and 1-5% for auction transactions.
The final commission provisions will be approved according to the road map during the launch of Saturn. In addition, for some assets, the company will independently provide bilateral liquidity and profit in the form of price spreads.

Detail token sale

token sale saturn.jpg
xsat distribution.png

Token name: XSAT
Token tipi: ERC-20
The total number of tokens: 1,000,000,000 XSAT
The number of tokens to be sold: 750,000,000 XSAT
Price Token: 1 XSAT = 0.13 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC, XMR, XRP, DASH


roadmap saturn.png


team saturn.png

For more information visit link below:

Instagram: /

Wallet: 0x2c524Fe99B79e3Ef06C5109ff17279472f8a9212

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