Winter is here now.

in #brown2 years ago

Hello all my Steemit Friends, yes I know I have not been writing any thing here for quite some time now.

It is just too cold to sit in front of my Computer at night, but tonight I was thinking about some one very far from me, and just thought shame where he is, is under freeze point. In Margate South Coast it is just lovely and fresh. It is just we me and my hubby that are cold at night.

So what is the weather like there where you are, well different places now.

So we not complaining any more about the weather, now it is time to complain about the water. Ugg did you see The South Coast has been declared a disaster because of the Ugu Municipality and workers.

We have been with out water for 11 days in some places here on the Coast and let me tell you it it hard. The Hospitals are without water the schools are without water and so on and so on.
Then is comes back absolutely black and full of mud.


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