Learn Poker Basics. Part 1.

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Poker Basics


Disclaimer: I am not a professional player of poker. I do know the basics and some poker theory. The is not advice on the best way to play poker. That we all have to decide for ourselves. The material in this post is learning basics.

All images are taken from the BrosinoPoker Site

Poker Hands

Royal Flush

10 clubs.png jack clubs.png Q clubs.png King clubs.png Ace clubs.png

Royal Flush is made up of the top five cards all of the same suit.

Straight Flush

2 diamond.png 3 diamond.png 4 diamond.png 5 diamond.png 6 diamond.png

Straight flush is made up of five consecutive card all of the same suit.

Four of a Kind

6 club.png 6 diamond.png 6 heart.png 6 spade.png flush 2.png

Four of a kind is made up of four cards of the same kind.

Full House

4 cluib.png 4 heart.png 4 spades.png 6 club.png 6 diamond.png

Full House. Is made up of Three cards of the same kind and two cards of the same kind.


2 hearts.png 4 heart.png f4.png 6 heart.png flush 2.png

Flush is made up from 5 cards all of the same suit.


6 club.png 7 Spades.png 8 hearts.png 9 Diamond.png 10 Hearts.png

Straight is made up from five cards running in numerical sequence.

Three of a kind

5 diamond.png 5 hearts.png 5 spades.png 9 Diamond.png 7 Spades.png

Three of a kind is made up from three cards of the same kind.

Two Pair

10 Hearts.png 10 diamond.png 4 cluib.png 4 diamond.png 2 hearts.png

Two pair is made up of two card of the same kind twice.


K spade.png King clubs.png 10 Hearts.png 9 Diamond.png 8 hearts.png

One pair is two cars of the same kind.

Highest card

Ace diamond.png King Spades.png 10 Hearts.png 6 club.png 5 hearts.png

In the event of none of the above hands being made, The Highest card wins.

In all cases of hands Should both players have made the same hand. For example both players have the same three of a kind. The highest card wins that hand. f both players cards are all the same. Both players share the pot.

Note: An Ace can play as the highest and lowest card to the benefit of the player. It can complete a top straight 10 J Q K A.
It can also be the first card of a low straight A 2 3 4 5.


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