May 3 @Shares Donated 5% Daily Earnings to @Broadcast Free Upvoting Project. Receive 0.659 SBD and 0.004 STEEM. And from @Automation Receive 0.047 SBD

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We are now enjoying the benefits from @Shares and other supporters to Power Up @broadcast Free Upvoting Service.

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@Shares Donated 5% Daily Earnings to @Broadcast Free Upvoting Project. Receive 0.491 SBD and 0.004 STEEM

We received donation from @Shares. Thank you

Receive 0.659 SBD from shares Daily Earnings - 0.659 SBD
Receive 0.004 STEEM from shares Daily Earnings - 0.004 STEEM

And from @Automation
Receive 0.047 SBD from automation

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