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For more than one reason this morning I had to collect all the information (links and all) of Four Tet. This guy shall simply not be left unmentioned on Steemit.

  • Remixed a track for Aphex Twin back in the late 90s
  • Played the opening acts for Radiohead in their European tour, back in 2003
  • Grammy Winner in 2017

But foremost and by far most important reason this guy deserves to be mentioned, is his ability to create music in a way only a few others can. It is difficult to put a label on his style, so I won't even try what others failed to do. That in it self is reason enough to test the music and check out of it somehow resonates with your ears and brains. I know it does with mine! With the Sun high in the sky (well, not so high yet, but getting there, only 4 hours to go till noon), the sounds of the latest album of Four Tet moving my eardrums, I'm getting more and more excited.

© Four Tet (source)


Press Play Below

Artist: Four Tet
Album: New Energy
Year: 2017
Country: UK

source youtube spotify


Two Thousand and Seventeen
LA Trance
Falls 2
You Are Loved
10 Midi
Gentle Soul

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try this :

Dj Bodzin making show in the middle of Swiss Alps on 3k m height


How cool a location! :)


extremely cool :) I was watching the whole show. Those men in Cercle company are finding such places and making cool video shows

Wanted to say thanks for the love on my guitar jam from a few days ago, much appreciated! I also love Four Tet, listen to him often while I paint. :)