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this is continuation i like to ask this question i think its critical and crucial to everything we talk about with the fake economy and everything....

number 1: THE MILITARY simply amerika sends her military all over the world to force weaker (usually the more weaker) nations to keep using the SHIT dollar this is goin away very fast too btw....

number 2: THE PETRO DOLLAR this is the SHIT dollar as jim willie calls it well he calls what is coming next but im calling it now and what i say comes next will be the shittier dollar....the petro dollar is how amerika by henry went all over the middle east getting mainly arabs to pump oil thanks to amerika in exchange they would invest in the petro dollar to allow amerika to rack up MASSIVE MASSIVE DEBTS so by trying to attack russia and destroy the price of oil they have in essence destroyed themselves very much so since the shit dollar depends on the price of oil they destroyed...and to keep the game going they are trying to force like iran to get back on board with the shit dollar which they DO NOT WANT TO DO thats part of the hostility not EVERY ARAB NATION IS ON BOARD WITH THE BEAST SYSTEM amerika wants to hoist on the whole world...FYI power structure is LONDON financial center WASHINGTON DC military center ROME VATICAN religious center....ENDING SOON BTW

number 3: CONFIDENCE since so many ppl still work and buy things with the shit dollar system they still have confidence in it so that is a big major impediment we need to end this IS NOT ENDING SOON i fear it is very strong still MORE PPL NEED TO WAKE UP!!

number 4: CREDIT yes i used to say three but im adding the forth now it is so important BILL HOLTER TALKS ABOUT THIS ALL THE TIME credit is seizing up you better wake up to that fact and yes when you use your credit card and use your checking account to pay your credit off YOU ARE STILL USING THE SHIT DOLLAR SYSTEM so yes this is ENDING VERY SOON and your credit cards will not work and you will not be able to even go to your bank cause there will be bank holidays all over AND IT MATTERS more when the banks REOPEN!! that is when you will find out I AM RIGHT ABOUT THE SHIT yea

NO Y THIS MATTERS: like i said in the previous post CHINA IS ATTACKING THE COMEX FINALLY and the comex has been manipulating silver for A VERY VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME NOW but that is going to end soon too and im giving trump may and that is it WE HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH the global currency reset must happen now so stock up FOOD WATER SILVER GUNS storage and i would suggest dumping your shit dollars like russia china iran and pretty much everyone that wants to or has already joined with the BRICS SYSTEM GET OUT NOW SELL YOUR GOLD AND BUY SILVER also DUMP WESTERN CURRENCIES DEVELOPED NATIONS buy emerging currencies RUSSIA CHINA IRAN IRAQ VIETNAM INDONESIAN INDIAN YOU HAVE TO GET READY THE GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET IS OVER 4 YEARS LATE BUT IT WILL HAPPEN the question is just when and I AM FED UP WAITING but what can i do CHINA IS FINALLY ATTACKING THE COMEX im so so happy....FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!