About the ICO Brickblock Project !

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About the ICO Brickblock Project - We are one of the only blockchain projects whose product portfolio is backed by technical and legal proof of concept.


Project Name: Brickblock

Token symbol: BBK

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAERj-_1p8AktrkESlQ

Subscription link: https://www.brickblock.io/private-deal.html

Website: https://www.brickblock.io

Mobilized Capital: $ 50 Million for 51% of total tokens

Conversion rate: 1 BBK = $ 0.60 USD

Maximum market capitalization at the time of ICO was based on capital structure: $ 50 million

Reward Structure: No bonuses during the Crowdsale period, pre-bonus periods not revealed

Whitelist or presale time: Presale is doing, but the whitelist moment is closed. Please contact hello@brickblock.io for more information. Minimum capital mobilization during the Presale period is $ 250,000.

ERC-20 Token: Yes

Countries banned from circulation: None

Time: Whitelist will close on May 9, 2018, waiting open. The Token Sale Period begins May 16, 2018. (Please refer to Brickblock's website for latest updates)

Token release date: after the sale of Token

II / Introduction to the project

  1. What does the company / project do?

    Brickblock is not just an idea or an official report. We are one of the only blockchain projects whose product portfolio is supported by technical and legal concepts.

Successfully privatized property was sold in December 2017

    Intelligent contracts are approved by ConsenSys Diligence industry.

    Prospectus filed for approval in the European Union
  1. How does this project improve?

     Brickblock is an encrypted platform that revolutionizes investment through fast paced, low cost and no geographical restrictions, minimal amounts or partner risks. Get liquidity immediately without intermediaries.
    Brickblock is building the world's first allocated asset token. The exchange will be built on the protocol 0x and have a FIAT payment gateway.

Brickblock provides a proactive and custodian asset management fund. This fund specializes in sponsored token business.

For 2018, the focus of the group will be on expanding. They will be adding new features to Brickblock, which will allow many customers to reach out to expand their network.

  In 2019, they hope to provide developers with deeper integration and receive rewards on this platform.

  By 2020, their goal will be to adapt to the needs of the community and investigate additional areas. What are the tokens designed to do and how can they be valued tokens? BBK Token is designed to allow Markerting to distribute and receive cash rewards in a global marketplace. Any user who shares referral links for games with friends and followers can earn BBK tokens, tokens that can be traded in cash or used to buy the items. New dung

The more people using Brickblock's network, the more the demand for BBK tokens over time, especially for those who influence and grow the game of making a living in the field.

  1. Team
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