Two Stones One DEAD Bird

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GET FOCUSED, there is a definitive path, now laying ahead of us, which is on it way to strangle the air out of the empire.

Never forget that the reason why Bitcoin came into existence was based on a political narrative, not for profit but rather for honour in trust. As human beings start to become more aware of Blockchain, we are witnessing the rise of power for the humans to take back their privacy of free action and speech. Blockchain is good, it’s great and it is a leap in uplifting the world out of poverty but it is only one branch of the seed of ingenuity and power within humans.

The other branch is the Belt and Road Initiative, if you have not heard about this powerful development of planing you are not in the NOW. Here is a quick introduction into the Megaproject.

Make no mistake, this will be the end of the shipping industry, the end of sanctions, the end of OPEC, to understand the power of Maglev Trains is to understand the new global energy economy.

So what does this mean? Get focused on aligning Blockchains with the Belt and Road project #bcbri. Companies like KYC and Tencent are one of the very few who are focused on this development, in alignment with the Belt and Road Initiative.

I have not seen any other Blockchain setup to take advantage of the global infrastructure, we, you and me have the opportunity to get involved and create an unstoppable movement to make a change in the history of the world.

Before you say this is ridiculous let me address some answers to your conclusions.

It won’t work because China will control the nodes! Not possible, yes China may control power to the nodes along the B&RI system, but only within their region, every node situated alone a government local will have to be negotiated, but the incentives are greater for the government to use the Blockchain infrastructure than not to use it, Blockchain forces compliance onto governments.

What if the Blockchain cannot be established alone the BRI though negotiation? Simple action through private investment and private locations can work around these areas, but it may be more challenging in very difficult human living conditions along the route.

We do not need to establish a Blockchain along the BRI, it’s a waste of time! True, it’s not necessary for humans to use the a BRI Blockchain in developed countries but in undeveloped regions it will be necessary, by having access to rural areas the BRI Blockchain will become the strongest blockchain in existence.

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