21st century — the era of political, economic and social turmoil. Are the widely anticipated resolutions finally on the horizon?

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The dot com bubble, the financial crisis of 2008, the Paris terror attacks, the Brexit deadlock.. you name it — all of these devastating events have taken place in a span of 20 years. Such a number may seem like a lot of time to most people, but to the rapidly transforming world that we’ve recently found ourselves in, it is just a small bit of history that could totally be overshadowed by what is likely to come in the future.  

It is always important to keep note of the fact that technology isn’t the only that’s evolving and changing tremendously vast. What some of us fail to realize, however is that we as humans are a subject to the same phenomenon. Our cultural values, our political views, our mindsets — all these possessions undergo an identical change that has been occurring throughout the centuries. One of the most remarkable examples of such substantial transitions could be given by referring to the conversion of communism to capitalism, from dictatorship to democracy, all in the name of preserving mankind and ensuring its future development. However, what’s crucial is to realize that almost every type of reform out there brings certain pros and cons causing it to become an object of strong debates and contradictions. The ongoing uncertainty amid Brexit, for instance, has caused some to question if Britain could exist any longer as an independent state whereas immigration keeps on being a closely discussed topic among EU leaders day in and day out.  

Furthermore, what has become a growingly common tendency is that we all like to talk about how “free”, “liberal” and “capitalistic” we have become especially with the rise of social networks. Nevertheless, what we fail to realize is that what we may see on the surface isn’t exactly reflected in the facts. What economic freedom are we exactly referring to if we impose import tariffs on each other and pay for goods and services much more than what they’re actually worth? Ultimately, what is most probably going to occur in such a situation is a decrease of demand and a sharp fall in company profits.  

So what measures can we take to address all this? Is it even possible to reverse some of the damages that have been made?

The Orionix community bases its perspective on the methodical approach to the situation — on the opportunity to establish a trend that will benefit society and bring a long-term relief without having to sacrifice too much to accomplish it. What’s guaranteed is that some of the impacts, caused by hurdles the world has gone through, will never be reversed. Nonetheless, the key step is to essentially overcome the hurdle and then build up on what remains. By using the same mindset, we will implement it to Orionix and build upon the unique and powerful concept of the Blockchain technology. Sometimes we can’t influence circumstances out of our reach such as the decisions political leaders take. Besides, what we can do is work towards capturing our individual values, satisfying our hobbies and living a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle. And you guessed it..Orionix is here to deliver just that by offering gamers the opportunity of a lifetime to become the best at what makes them happy.  

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