I'm not a Brexit Remoaner

in #brexit2 years ago


I'm sick of being called a remoaner for believing that leaving the EU will be bad for the UK.

I do believe it will be bad for us, we should be getting closer to our neighbours not isolating ourselves from them, to me it just seems like we are going backwards. On the flip side I also believe that we have to leave the EU now, because that is what the majority voted for in the referendum and if we don't respect that how are we going to respect any other important votes in the future.

Even though we are small nation in terms of land mass, we are a wealthy one and still hold a great deal of influence in the world, and we will survive this. We have to let this play out and stop trying to block Brexit, because trying to block the process is just costing us more time and money and will only do more damage in the long run.

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