Is Brexit: Divorce from a Polygamy or Independence from an Empire?

in brexit •  2 years ago

If Brexit is a divorce, is the EU a polygamy? Or after the fall of the British Empire, did Britain ironically become a colony, of another empire?

There is a double standard, where recent empires like the Soviet Union and European Union, have distanced themselves from negative imperial terminology and colonial stereotypes.

So maybe Brexit is not independence from colonialism, but a divorce from a 12 foot giant husband?

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There have been unions and religious communities like the Catolic church since before the middle ages and Britain has been part of them before.

Colonialism is a rather different sort of thing - not something you join voluntarily, which the UK actually did.


The USA is a union and colonized the Philippines involuntarily. Many Filipinos at the time of independence, wanted our country to remain as a colony of the USA. Also a lot of modern Filipinos voluntarily desire to be a colony of the USA. I should know because I am one of them and I have two cousins that also want the Philippines to be an American colony.

It has been alleged that the Russian Federation colonized Crimea involuntarily. The Soviet Union was criticized as the "Soviet Empire". Jan Zielonka in his book, "Europe as Empire: The Nature of the Enlarged European Union" criticized the EU for having traits characteristic of an empire. The lines between empires and federations are blurring.


I read about it on Wikipedia. Very interesting! The USA has never really been interested in colonies. Far too expensive :)