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Brewing Crank Biter Bitter

Hello! Fellow steemians brewers.

Its been a while since a brew post. But for a vary good reason! We have now created a cold room for produce from the gardens a cellar for beer. It's been a long winter project! Though a nice thing to be doing as the snow has not been the best this year. Thanks to global warming too soft and wet for real fun skiing. But that another story.


We have discontinued the creaser which only had 5 kegs in it. Now all our varieties of beers are in storage. 6 currently thorough the wall. Room for 3 more. With the balance on party taps inside the cold room. We make about 15 with most of the recipes at Our brewing application.


Nymms Delight, ODM Stout, Tire Biter Bitter, Spicy Pumpkin, Nirvana Chantral, Walnut

I am carving more at the moment Black Barry and TKK (a potato head) Nymms Delight will have its own too. Eventual I will have one for each of are core brews.

As a result of the creation of our cold room we have a bunch of bottled stock that is many years old. In 2014 we were conducting an experiment with milds or session beers. I like to drink beer but not fond of getting drunk. So I lobbied for milds.

We looked up IPA recipes Complied a list of various ingredients used and compared them to availability and price. Our goal was to used as many of the malts from our local melter Gambrinus. We have two desires here is freight cost and supporting locals.

  • Tire Bitter
  • Mild
  • Toe Biter
  • Ankle Biter
  • Crank Bitter todays brew
  • I.B. Bitter
  • Nail Biter
  • Tongue Biter
  • Ass Biter

We did a taste test to decided which we would settle on based on that taste test. The tasting was great fun with all the Aikidoist giving it a go. Toe bitter, Tongue Biter, Tire Biter, Ass biter were round one winners. There were several of the 'losers' left in a box which 3 years later are trying to clear out. Crank biter was so good we are doing it again today.

Despite being low alcohol they keep well. Had fantastic heads and taste that had matured to a real winner. So much for the 3 month shelf life for beer. Commercial this is true as they are chemically aged and deyeasted so they are no longer alive.

Fantastic to be brewing again!

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Welcome back I’m also a fan of seasons and lighter beers when the weather calls for it. I would be interested in hearing a review of the ass biter.


I am not much for the refined taste required to do a review. I will get the brew master to post that. Like my music I like it or I don't and ever shade between. I lack the relationship between the taste and the term. Beer is notoriously lacking in the area of testing. Not yet as defined as wine tasters but getting there fast. At least what I have read. Thanks for the replies . I am in the long learning curve of steemifing my application. The brewing application is in Perl and I will be adding the cpan modules to the site. All sites I host will be able to steemify their site with the application. Just set up steemd on a kvm and playing with it.

For the brewing application it will mean that recipes and comment will be able to earn steem for participants on any hosted brewery. I will try to set it so that rewards don't stop after a set number of days. The site is about quality long term posting. User taste tasting will one of the steem options I will soon add.


That would be awesome to get tasting notes straight from the source.