Sacred G Breath Meditation Station DMT Releasing Pineal Activation [Gate way to Meditation]

in #breath5 years ago

I can say doing this breathing technics has help me appreciate taking the time for well mental being.

Practice makes the master, So do this 2 min breathing every day for a week, and tell me what you experience


I have been mediating myself with these two minute breaths which i first started when i bought my fitbit watch, in fitbit it is for relation to take take deep breaths, i can surely tell it makes a hell of difference overtime. I feel my self more relaxed and my mind more fresh, like some extra energy may be?

Pineal activation has been very interesting to me since I found out about it. I have felt all sorts of pressure inside my forehead mostly after I lay in my bed and focus on it (I meditate before that). But how does one really know that his pineal gland is activated ?

Great video bro. I guess morning meditations always makes great effect on our every day life.

Useful to start the morning marco

It's really awesome blog I'm going to resteem now. Uptove to your blog!!

It is interesting meditation, thanks for sharing

I will let you know bro! Thanks!

Thank you very much for this great video. I am learning to meditate and it is very useful for me. I'll follow you because you're a smart person. Good job.

Very cool. I liked!

I did feel a little different a first, :P a little weird tho lol thanks for sharing!

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