Goodbye Microsoft Paint

in breakingnews •  last year

goodbye microsoft paint.png

Today tragedy struck in the hearts of all Microsoft Paint users. Users of the old-school graphics editing application woke up to learn that Microsoft will no longer be supporting such.

Microsoft published that Paint is no longer in active development, and may be removed from Windows altogether. While this isn’t a definite goodbye just yet, it’s very likely Paint will be removed from future versions of Windows.

Earlier this year Microsoft introduced Paint 3D, which could potentially be the application’s replacement.

Paint has been on every version of Microsoft’s computer operating system since its debut in 1985. It may seem like a silly, outdated tool to most. However, many users have grown up with Paint, making digital stick figure drawings along with cropping and saving screen shots from the web.

Paint was never the most sophisticated editing application, but it was always there for PC users throughout the years. It was a free tool always at one’s disposal when needed, and for some a true skill developed with practice.

Will you miss Microsoft Paint? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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