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Chapter 1 The Fall Of A Talent

“Fight Ability, Third Level”

Watching the shining but a little bit dazzling words showed on magic stone tablet that is for testing fight ability, the boy shows a little self-mockery on his lips, expressionless. Fingernails into palm due to big hit on the stone tablet brings him a heart-aching hurt.

“Xiaoyan, fight ability, third level! Class: low!” A middle-aged man beside stone tablet, looks at the information on the tablet and announces...

With his voice, a wave of chaos moves over the crowds in the square without any surprise.

“Third Level? Haha, it’s really not out of my expectation, this “ talent” hasn’t progressed any more in the whole year!”

“Hey, the rubbish disgraces our family.”

“The rubbish would be dismissed from family and lived by himself and couldn’t have chance to be raised by family if his father wasn’t the head of family.”

“Ah, how can the ever talented boy drop to such a situation?”

“Who knows, maybe guilty deeds he’s done result in the God’s punishment...”

Laughter, regrets and sighs hits the teenager, like some sticks penetrating in his heart and causing his shortness of breath.

He raises head and a handsome face, glancing over those peers with his black but dull eyes. The self-mockery on his lips seems to be more bitter.

“These people all become so acerb and snobbish? Maybe they want to revenge for the most humble smile showed to me three years ago and right now take it back...” Smiling bitterly, Xiaoyan turns over and quietly backed into the last queue, lonely shadow, incompatible with the surroundings.

(To be continued)

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