Peer Mountain announcing Partnership with BRD Wallet for the token sale

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" Peer Mountain, the self-sovereign identity and contracting protocol, has announced its partnership with BRD for a sale of Peer Mountain Token (PMTN) via the BRD platform to its 1.4 million mobile users commencing October 2nd 2018. "

Are you participating in our token sale via the BRD Wallet? Good news for you…then you will also receive BRD tokens via an airdrop.

Read the full article about our new partnership here and get social with us on telegram!

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Congratulations to both Peer Mountain and BRD Wallet!
The brd airdrop is a good strategy

Do you know how the airdrop works? Will those who get PMTN tokens through BRD get extra?

Yep, extra BRD tokens to those who buy PMTN tokens (now still 30% bonus, public sale only 10% bonus) via BRD wallet. But exactly how much extra im still waiting for PM and BRD's update as well

So many partnerships already! Very impressive!

Congratulations BRD team!!!

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