I don't inspire you...yet

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Hello steemers,

I am competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu about 7 years ago and competing in it about 6 years ago. For the first I sucked - I mean I really sucked. I think I made some kind of world record of losing. I lost 21 matches in a row and my competition record was 0-21. It took even 17 matches to score my first points.

After three losses in a row I was thinking about quitting competition because it wasn't fun to lose. Hopefully my coach told me to continue and said that losing doesn't matter which is very true. Without my coach I couldn't tell you inspiring story. Though my story is not ready yet. It is in the making.

You can see (almost) all my matches from my YouTube channel but here you can see first match I won:

That was happy moment but that was just the start of my journey as competitor.

Now I have about 60 matches but I haven't won any big (or small) tournament but I know how to train wisely and I am training hard to win BJJ Finnish Championships which are held in the end of November.

P.S. You can see almost all my matches from my YouTube channel.

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