The First Global Domino Tips

in #brazil3 years ago

Everything is running smoothly according the mainstream media. The economy is churning ahead with nothing in sight to derail it. We can expect global expansion to continue for some time.

That is the mantra at least.

Looking at the emerging markets tells a different story. One of the BRICs, Brazil, is in a bit of a tailspin. The currency is falling while the economy is slowing. Three months ago was the first sign of crisis although the leadership put a spin on it.

It seems that since Brazail is accustomed to dealing with this, there is no reason to worry. The challenge is that this country did not get passed their last crisis in 2013. In short, they are still dealing with the fallout from that while encountering another one on the horizon.

To read more about this, click on image.



This is called economic imbalance sir.It will continue through out the life in this world.

There is a difference between a certain unbalance and a market which is full of artificial money and debts...


liked you blog, I follow you.
I write on business topics also. a bit different though.
the Trump administration loves chaos. chaos is a ladder for many. but some go higher, may fall higher.
current US economy policy is based on unsustainable imposed conditions, but these people think they can disrupt the game in a particular moment and win all hands.

it's possible, but very difficult.
also Trump may finish his job and leave the mess to the next president blaming him on everything later!
this is how populism works!

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great great sir

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Yes, you can look at Brazil as a micro-economy example of what's to come for the US. The US never really recovered from 2008 just blew up another balloon. We should be in for a wild ride!

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We got the same problem in Turkey.
I traded severeal short setups agains the TRY
In EUR/TRY you can see the fall of the Lira.

And this is a country even closer to europe. A lot of european banks are involved in the turkish market. And we are talking about half a trillion € round about. So it´s getting interesting when the first turksih customers won´t be able anymore to pay their credit rates.

You are absolutley right. This one of the first domino dips...

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