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If Brave looking at changing the advertising model on the Internet, it is off to a good start.

Last week it was reported that the browser has over 10 million users. Now, we get insight into the fact the publishing sites crossed 350K. This is a rather large number for a network as this.

This is a huge accomplishment considering how the crypto world is at present and the number of actual users.

Here we have an instance where there are 10 million people being rewarded in cryptocurrency along with another 350K site owners. Who knows how many more people are being exposed to cryptocurrency because of this.

These are the type of projects that will take crypto mainstream. It will take a while but Brave is off to a terrific start. The number of sites is an 820% jump over last year.

Brave is seeking to disrupt the world of advertising by making things more targeted and having user "opt-in" to see the ads. This is a complete reversal of the existing structure where users have no say in what they see. At the same time, users are rewarded for their attention instead of the platform the ads are on, such as Google or Facebook.

It is a simple concept that could really spread. If this browser gets 100 million users, which is small in the browser world, then it will be a major impact on bringing crypto to the masses.

Some of the publishers that are on the list for Brave are heavyweights such as Wikipedia, Washington Post, and the Guardian.

I would say that Brave could be opening the door for Steem and SMTs when they go live. The fact that some major publications are starting to get involved means they are open to technological change.

Upon seeing the value of having their own token to reward their users with, it might be a great next step for them.

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Would you say that Brave is a rival to Steemit?

I would not. They are targeting different things.

Steemit doesnt radically alter the advertising model. In fact, they are using the traditional model to try and pay their bills.

SMTs are a disruptive force but they are targeting the rewarding of the users directly. This will help make the sites more appealing (in my opinion)...they can still run the Brave model even with their own token.

We use brave because it blocks ads automatically and it's fast too.
Getting BAT will be harder but BOI is ready for the adventure!

Great to meet you, @taskmaster4450le!

I would love to see Brave and Steemit or Steempeak join together for 2 reasons.

  1. Would love to see Steemit as an option for Verified publisher like reddit, youtube, and twitter.
  2. Would love an integrated "tip" function here on steemit or steempeak. Not that I would ever use it, but would be a geat way for people who don't want to creat steemit accounts to support posts on the platform and a way for your posts to earn "income" regardless of age.

oh cool, I have now also registered my websites with Brave :)