Nice information Brother. Im using brave on my phone. 😊😊😊

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that's awesome man. i think it's got a lotta potential. it's just that it's so hard for anyone to change their daily browser 😆

coz they dont have information regarding to that.

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and here's my tiny little effort to spread the info :)

i am sometimes lazy to make all that adjustments, but that is what companyes are counting on. need to try this

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pls do! it's a great app 👍

Buenas noches aquí en Venezuela y buenos días es su país amigo @roundbeargames , deseando que se encuentre bien amigo, buena opción que nos presenta en su publicacion, ya que en realidad los anuncios son muy fastidiosos cuando uno está viendo o realizando algo . Que tenga un feliz día amigo .

thanks amigo. yes ads are super annoying! brave is almost another form of advertising without the videos/banners/trackers. so far i like what i'm seeing.
it's also got some crypto aspect to it which i didn't cover in this post because i haven't looked too deep into it yet. maybe i will later :)

우회를 하지 않아도 되는 좋은 웹툴이네요 ㅋ

네 심지어 토르도 포함돼있어서 원하면 우회할 수도 있습니다. 이건 보안상 위험할 수도 있어서 다루고 있지않지만 유용한앱임은 틀림없습니다 ^ㅅ^

Good morning my friend.... Thank you very much for the info...
I do not see your food where is?

ok maybe i should have some food for every post!

I used Brave for my youtube too.✌

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good to know!
i'd say it's perfect for youtube AND steemit ;)

Nunca habia oido hablar de ese navegador llamado Brave @roundbeargames pero de verdad que se ve muy interesante su utilización ya que nos permite bloquear los anuncios que no queremos ver y lo mejor es que según puedo leer este navegador tambien posee un token de verdad es una información que nos puede ser muy util. Gracias por compartirla con nosotros

i didn't think about trying it out until steemit announced they'll be having ads ;)
annoying videos/banners/trackers don't we hate them all..
thanks for coming and enjoy the new year!

the application can help for all, this information thanks a lot of friends, I can definitely try this application, @roundbeargames, ☺️

thanks :) pls try it out and play around with it. it'll be fun

Hello @roundbeargames you always have something new with you post.
this browser is looks nice. i will try this ..
i like its features.. Thanks for share How to use Brave & SteemConnect.
And as always i missed your lunch box. haha
Awesome post my friend. thank you for share with us..

man i thought people hated that lol
i guess i'll have more food pics later :)
and yea try out the browser it's great

i dont know people view about food pics but i like it my friend... haha

Wow, absolutely a good browser to use for watching YouTube videos. Thanks for the recommendation @roundbeargames bro 😀

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yup i'd say it's perfect for youtube AND/OR steemit ;)

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