Just verified my site for Brave payments and I've already earned money!

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I'm preparing to interview someone from Brave browser for my podcast.

Awhile back I registered some of my sites as Brave publishers, but I didn't complete the process.

Today, I completed the process, and it looks like I already earned some BAT from my site, designforhackers.com!


Pretty exciting!

If you haven't tried Brave yet, you should. It blocks ad tracking scripts, which not only protects you from malware, it also saves you a ton of bandwidth. Up to $23 a month if you're on mobile. Some sites load as many as 70 tracking scripts, and they can be big files.

You can also distribute Brave's Basic Attention Token (BAT) to your favorite creators.

Try Brave here. I'll earn $5 in BAT if you end up using the browser for a month.

While you're at it, register your own blog, or even YouTube channel, to earn BAT. Along with Steemit, Brave is another exciting new way that creators are getting their share of the value they contribute to the web.


Hey I have already heard about Brave. Can you tell me if I can also earn money just for using the browser?

Hey I'm also big on Brave. You will be able to earn for browsing once the update with ads comes out.

Basically everytime you see an ad you'll receive a small amount of BAT.

Currently ads are in a private beta. So not yet but soon.

Thanks for your answer! I'll definitely be using Brave once the update hits!;)

Nice to see that the proof of actual rewards by Brave. I haven't registered yet but downloaded the browser app on my phone to check it out. Thanks for the sharing!

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Havent heard about it before, just finished signing up

@kadavy thanks for the upvote, resteemed!

Can you give any details on who you'll be interviewing from Brave? Also what is the time/date?

I'm active in the BAT telegram group so I'll let them known about the interview.

Can you give me the invite url for the brave telegram group please?

I'll be interviewing Jonathan Sampson from developer relations. The interview will go live on August 16th, on my podcast. Thanks so much for being interested, and for spreading the word!

Thanks for the info David. This is Vidas Pinkevicius here. I will give Brave a try. By the way, since recently I support you on Patreon.

Check out announcements at @onosocial profile on Steemit if you are looking for new ways to monetize your creative activities. ONO is going international this weekend.

Hey Vidas! Yes, of course, I recognized your name immediately – thank you so much for the Patreon support! I appreciate it more than you can know.

I'll keep an eye on ONO, that's always exciting to see new blockchain opportunities for creators.

Yes, and hopefully they will be more people-oriented than Steemit is now. That's what they say at least.

Hehe, as opposed to bot-oriented? The thing that sounds really good is posts earning beyond seven days. I think that's really a shortcoming for Steemit. It disincentivizes evergreen content that ranks on search.

Exactly. Also self-voting, spam comments, flag wars and in general difficulty to really be rewarded for the little fish. Now if you are an orca or a whale, Steemit works for you, but for the rest... Not really. There isn't really any incentives beyond generosity for whales to vote for minnows and plakton. Hopefully ONO will fix all that and then even Steemit will have to change because of this competition.

oooo nice, i did not miss it yet yes

Thanks, David. I've been using Brave for a while, but your article makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing. I love your information on design. Would always love to see that.

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