How I am getting at least 5-10 EUR a month for free just for browsing internet

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How I am getting at least 5-10 EUR a month for free just for browsing internet? In this post I am going to show you how I am doing this with 2 simple things.
It is small money but over time it can accumulate(especially as for crypto) and grow in value

  1. Brave Browser

The browser has built in ad block, it is relatively fast and also offers browsing in private by using TOR. You can download it from official website and it is also available for Android and iOS.

You can opt in for ads and you will be paid rewards in BAT for any advertisements displayed

Tip: After installation navigate to Settings / Brave Rewards / Auto-Contribute and make sure that it is not set to auto contribute all of your BAT.

  1. Bing Search

Over time Bing improved significantly and in order to attract more people to use it Microsoft Rewards were created.
The rule is simple - for every search you get rewards points which can be later exchanged for gift cards, sweepstakes, free calls on Skype etc.

This may be not available in all countries but worth to try. Check the link below for more info:

To conclude you can browse the internet almost the same way and get free stuff thanks to Brave Browser and Bing. Next week I am going to cover couple of mobile apps which can bring you several more bucks per month in exchange of couple minutes of your time

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