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Steemit is verified Brave publisher so you can send tip here via Brave browser ( Just like I did. Unfortunately that does not work for individual authors. All your tips will go to Steemit, Inc.
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On YouTube or Twitter you can send Brave tips to any user.

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I do hope Steemit takes all potential tips and suggestions into consideration cos it seems they got a lot to worry about at the moment!!!

I'm sure some cooperation would be helpful to both projects. Sending STEEM tips inside Brave browser instead BAT would be great, but that would never happen.

Just wanted to say thank you for voting on the Deegram guys, they really work their asses off!

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That is nice @boosta. If only can @steemit make it to get to individual Authors, it would be awesome.

Wait... How can I convert my BAT to cash or other cryptos? I'm stuck😟😟😟

Try with if you need convert BAT to cash. There are many crypto-exchanges that support BAT.

Thanks dear💗💖✌ I really appreciate it