Teasing the Emotions - Enhancing the Sunday Vibe

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When I look out the window for the last hours, I see grey grey grey. The weather woman promised some sun, but I suppose the yellow circle is there, but the clouds are just too massive to show the bright light :( Therefore I need to find something else to get some positive vibes in my brain!

While I was reviewing the curated music posts - this morning - done by one of my team members, I got some instant happiness going. Lately we see so many new good musicians and others who have a love for music and are posting about it, coming to Steemit. We have great times ahead of us for sure!

To continue the flow of happiness, I pressed the button of this electronic set recording of this Cologne/German based producer and DJ, Lena Willikens; A recommendation by a friend. She - for sure - has an interesting approach to DJing, well the sound and vibe she creates. She is quite diverse, from techno-ish sets to disco-ish sets with an electro vibe in it; Deep and Dark-ish elements, but also uplifting and happy-ish passages.

Since it is Sunday, and no matter what we've done yesterday and Friday, it is the day we probably want to take it easy and chill a bit in preparation of another upcoming workweek. Therefore I selected a disco-ish electro-ish - with techno-ish elements passing through (check the ending) - recording of this lady to share with you today :)

Happy Chilling & Lots of Listening Pleasure

Let me know what you think of this Sound

Artist: Lena Willikens
Set: Dekmantel Amsterdam
Year: 2017
Country: Germany







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I think the cigarette (?) hanging from her lips is the best part. I know it's not PC to say, but she's instantly cool. : )

Hahahaha, indeed!

One of these posts that need to be resteemed! YI often post a bout so called pioneers of music, techno, trance whatever - YOU are one of these #music pioneers across our loved platform! Thanks for this!

Thank you for your kind words, appreciation, recognition as well as your support! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and evening and let me know when you are over to Amsterdam next! We shall at least take time for a coffee! :)

He is indeed but this set was a little too eccentric for me at the beginning ....Not sure how it ends :) @qsounds Should I continue trying? I trust you .....but it has to fit my home cooked ginger,lemon chicken

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I like it, and after this one I started another recording of her that lasted for 5,5hrs; Bit experimental, tribal, electro, techno and such, but I do like that stuff :) Lena does for sure not have mainstream sound.

I am also pleased to see more and more artists joining the platform. I am looking forward for improved and interesting articles. Sometimes its not enough to throw out the sound without a little story or information going with it. I wish for that from all those authors who create articles with the powerful tag #music!

I wish for the same!

kunci yang bagus @edje

I don't speak your language unfortunately, but I suppose it is something good! Thanks :)

He said your "keys" are great, bagus means good

Thanks :)

Give me a puff of that cigar!!! Her music sounds different, excellent quality.

Sure is! :)

Wow what a blog


Its a great sunday relaxing song ! Enjoy your day :)

Same to you :)

hmmmm....interesting kind of relaxing
Bist Du in Wien?

this is great man, there are many lovers of music on steemit , i my self love music very well especially reggae and am planning to start blogging about it from next week.

Thanks, and cool you're about to start blogging on music as well!

yeah mostly about reggae man , let me see if people will love it here

Do it and you will notice :)