Tron make top 3 watch list this week

in brainfeed •  17 days ago

While many coins are on the downslide, tron has been going against the tide.

To make a top 3 watch list is huge.
Media attention, brings eyes and that brings investors, who may or may not have heard of Tron (TRX) or Trongoo the gaming app, or the upcoming Airdrop next week, for BTT, as part of Trons Bittorent upgrades.

Bit Torrent adding payments for sharing P2p data will be a huge thing once the upgrades roll out.
Getting in early is always a great thing. Given the record speed that BTT sold out on there is a lot of pent up interest in the platform.

Trongoo just one of the apps on Trons gaming platform is gaining users at a huge rate based on the size increase in the daily goopot. It's not that exciting in terms of gameplay, but beats casino games as a faucet for TRX. Just build your "factory" and let it earn TRX while you sleep.

TRON is big and at $0.025 - $0.03 is currently cheap.

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