Set the TRUTH free - CondomGate

in brainfeed •  16 days ago

Wikileaks has released some internal Church correspondence that highlights some of the internal conflicts.

This is a dispute between the Church and the order of Malta.
It involves funds for condoms in Africa and Masonic lodges, both against the traditions of the church.

This surface story is about the traditions of the church in regards to condoms, but the real story seems to be about the Pope cleaning house in regards to Masonic lodges & secret Orders.

If you like mystery & intrigue real-life mystery novels, here is the story out line so far:

  • Nov 16 Letter from Pope to Burke shows Pope knew of dispute over condoms

  • Nov 10th 16 Pope meets with Burke

  • Dec 1st 16 Pope letter seems to confirm links with Masonic lodges which is against Church rules.

  • Dec 16 Festing dismisses Boeselanger over funds approval for condom distribution in Africa

  • Jan 17 Pope forces Festing to abdicate as Prince & Grand Master of Order of Malta

  • Boeselanger appeals his dismissal to the Pope

  • Pope orders investigation then reinstates Boeselanger

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