Jack backs BTC (again)

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In the face of the regulators efforts to control or limit the development of Libra as a global crypto, albeit a centralised one, Jack has again come out in support of BTC.

Todays news is full of articles about dead Alt's and how the nextgen will leave all current coins in the wake of history, with out them ever recovering. An interesting scenario.

But Jack is still supporting Lightening, a micro payment system running on top of BTC, so perhaps he sees that as an exception.

Putting todays big picture news headlines together paints a picture, of BTC being the global payment system, perhaps it is time to dump the alts and wait for the 100K BTC era to arrive, or perhaps not. That's investing.

Time will tell


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I would like to know by those who down voted this info the reason? I find brainfeeds info very informative and enjoy reading the articles. Ive noticed their seems to by a "pak mentality" as soon as many of us "newbie" steemians start to build up any credibility they get slammed back down. Im losing interest in steem due to a small handful of faceless egos who intensionally strip others livelyhood.
Thankyou for your info brainfeed I enjoy your feed and like to repost your articles.
Oh another thing ive recently learnt theres such a thing called "farming" which is voting for yourself, so whats wrong with that??
Isnt this a business way of building credibility for ones self and isnt it common "sense" to put back into ones own business??
Who rules are these??
For me I was posting what I felt were good articles for the benefit of humanity at least 3 times a day for $00.02. I am now reluctant to post as to what I see with accounts being slam dunked with out reason. So sad I thought Steem was a good concept however now im slowly beginning to understand a small ego mentality is distroying steem.
Sorry for the rant brainfeed, I do enjoy your articles and I thankyou for sharing.
Cheers earthship.

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