Fiat Banking fraud

in brainfeed •  16 days ago

The whole fiat scam, is based on a lie.
'money' is printed or created at will by a private company in the USA, called the Fed.
This creates an entire industry, that operates globally called stock markets, and other institutions.

The heads of the fed are tied to the UK, but that goes down the rabbit hole.

So when they use MSM to attack the crypto industry they forget that the fiat system is the main system used to transfer funds. Crypto barely scratches the surface, and is but a very small % of those illegal transfers.

But fiat scams are rampant, just take art sales, a great way to launder a few million, and then claim tax deductions.
Who says some paint on a canvas is worth what is paid. But these are the 'legal' ones.

On the other side, many transfers of funds are done through offshore accounts, or even transferred by planes loaded with palettes of cash as the USA sent to Iran a few years ago.

Crypto on the other hand is very traceable, from source to destination in the case of BTC.

So which system is better, one owned and controlled by a small few, or a distributed system with a full record of transactions?

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