Find out how old my brain is in a minute!!

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Find Out How to Make Easy Brain Health Measurements You Can Do in Your Daily Life!

This method indirectly measures the function of the frontal lobe, which is vital in memory, among other areas of the brain to determine brain age!

Ready for paper and pens!
The way is to write down the maximum number of words beginning with the given consonant for one minute.

For example, words that begin with ' T ' could be ' Think, ' ' True, ' or ' Tomato. '

Set a one-minute timer and write down the word with any consonant or mental note.

How many words did you write?

< Scoring goes like this >
30s : More than 20
40s : More than 15
50s : More than 10
60s : 9
Seventies : 8
80s : Less than 7

How old is your brain?