Neurological Disorders

in brain •  2 years ago 

Had my 6th Tonic Clonic seizure of my life time, and 1st one of this new year last night. Probably the worst one yet. Not really sure what happened, but between paramedics, and the doctors at the hospital they sedated me pretty heavily, and I have no recollection of what happened. Yes, I black out during these events, but only for 20-30 minutes. The meds they gave me made that blackout state last much longer than usual. About 5 hours went by before I came to.

Anyways besides all of the MRI, EEG, and other tests i've had done in the previous year without any clear answers or results. I will begin seeing a new doctor here soon in the next two weeks, and am being promised that they will find an answer to my ills.

What bothers me the worst isn't even the pain and suffering I have to endure after such an event. My body, tounge, and mind ache like no other for 3-4 days afterwards until I feel normal again, but it's not even that which bothers me the most. As being a business owner, entrepreneur, sole-proprietor. The ability to not be able to work seems so much harder for me to cope with. Not to mention the absolute shit health insurance I pay 600 a month for amounting to zilch.

Anyways thought I would chime in here on Steemit because it's been a while, and hope you all great fortune, health and a future worth living and telling about.

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