3 Ways To Get 170 IQ Easily!

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The full form of IQ is Intelligent Quotient.The IQ of a person is the measure of his mental abilities. Someone with high can do different mental works easily without any difficulty which may be very difficult for some one with a low IQ. So here are the ways to increase your IQ very high that you can do any mental work very easily:

  1. Try new riddles and brain teasers

It is one of the best ways to increase IQ. It is important that riddles or questions should be difficult but more than that they should be new. New riddles can only provide you with new kind of thinking. For this you can fill different IQ tests on internet or subscribe to some youtube channel which can provide such riddles timely to you. I am providing a video here with some new and difficult riddles and they may help you get a high IQ.

  1. Try doing thing in new ways

Try to observe yourself what are the works that you do, can those acts be done in a different or new way. Most probably your answer may be NO but there are chances of doing old work in new ways but if you do not get try doing new works like taking a new path to office or school, reading different kind of books, magazines and articles that earlier you didn't read. You can try to solve new puzzle games you never tried may be Sudoku , Tetris or any other game you never tried even any fighting game new for you.

  1. Challenge yourself everyday

Do anything you love, like drawing, reading, athletics and whatever is your performance see that as a bar and try to do at least better the next coming day. In this way you need to develop yourself everyday, a little but everyday, and this will result in higher IQ because to do something better, even physically, requires mental strongness. This time don't aim to be the best but better because for being the best you need competitors and if they would not develop so how can you develop. Focus on defeating yourself of the previous day not others.

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