Mostafiz's regret, Mostafiz's hope

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Master Mustafiz, the master of cutting each and every match of the home series against Sri Lanka, The pace bowling sensation in Bangladesh has said that the time has come. Mostafiz is recovering from injury. Mustafiz, who was injured in South Africa's tour, started bowling with full run-up. If everything is okay, then the Fija, the suffix of playing a few matches at the end of the BPL at the end of the match.

Immediately after the debate, panic for the opponent and Bangladesh became for Noyon Moni. He is the hero of winning multiple series on the home ground. Not only this, the IPL platform has won over the country's borders. Bowling magic became a surprise name in the cricket world, Mustafiz

Everything was going on like a dream. However, jealousy is called a ghost of the injured. Fijer, a two-and-a-half-year walk in international cricket. Four of them have been out of the field for a long time due to injuries four times. How are you Mustafiz? Khuttermaster has started running in full runup.

'Rehabs are going well. Bowling has been done on the full runup today. After two more days, I understand how it is. Mostafiz said.

Twenty-two of the most interesting players in the IPL played twice However, due to injury, the BPL has not yet been signed. This will be

"The BPL is going bad for me. I hope we can play two final matches. "

After the BPL, Bangladesh team home series against Sri Lanka. The Tigers draw a Test one-day and T-20 series early this year. Now the people of the house will come to the house So Mustafiz kept the thunderbolt in advance.

"T20 game in our country is going on. Hope everyone will be in a good heart. Sri Lanka-Zimbabwe hope the series will be very good. Everyone will expect more. Try to do something good.

His appearance in international cricket is like a comet. Contribution to the dream series by winning several ODI series in Bangladesh. They want to keep that contribution in the upcoming series.!


Mustafiz bd er jnne onk boro ekta power chilo.. but oke mana korar poreo o Ipl khele.. r hat tare borbad kore ashe.. beshi urte geche... ekhn ekjn ordinary bowler er cheye temn kno specialty nai... huh.... ekhn jodi mashrafee er adorsho mane.. tobe jodi kichu hoy....

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