Fukushima News; Boycott the 2020 Olympics.

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BOYCOTT THE 2020 Olympic games in Japan.

I want to start a Boycott the 2020 Olympics movement here on Steemit.

Help me get the word out! We need to save our young athlete's lives! All our Olympic star athletes from around the world need to speak up and speak out and refuse to perform during the 2020 Olympic games due to the cover up of Fukushima. The 2020 Olympics is what we need to blow the lid and expose the greatest crime EVER in our human history.

Just recently 18 year old star Japanese Olympic athlete Rikako Ikee has been diagnosed with cancer.

I just listened to this historic podcast by Weber State Radio interviewing Kevin Blanch two days ago on the 8 year anniversary of Fukushima. Kevin really connects all the dots in this 30 min interview.

Kevin needs our help!!!

This is his OPEN LETTER TO Rikako Ikee, the 18 year old Japanese Olympic athlete who now has AML Leukemia.

Please me help Kevin get the word out about Fukushima and the greatest cover up ever in our human history. You can support Kevin's work here:

What a sick corrupt government the Japanese is to purposely hold one of the greatest events in the world next to the greatest nuclear fall out sites exposing their own people and our athletes to dangerous levels of radiation. The same criminal Japanese government that outlawed whistle blowing post Fukushima so they could lie and cover it up and get away with it. They gave us all a genocidal death sentence!!! When exposing a crime gets treated the same as committing a crime, your country is being run by CRIMINALS!!! The same criminals that purposelessly exposed our own troops to radiation from Fukushima that were on board the USS Reagan. It's time we arrest these criminals behind the Nuclear Crime Syndicate.



Please help us spread the word blowing the lid on Fukushima by BOYCOTTING THE 2020 Olympics. YOUR HELP is greatly needed and appreciated!!!

Who's with me???

Stay Un-Tune-Ed...

Join the TRUTH Party, The Radical Underground Tyrant Haters Party!!!
Comedy through activism, activism through comedy.
Keep your democracy off of my Sovereignty!

Welcome to the NEW West!!!
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No Gold medal for dab hits for me this year.. maybe 2024


Who says you need to go to Tokyo to compete in dab hits Dave? Maybe start your own cannabis Olympics in Colorado. How's that for some shitty spiritual advice?