Boycott of Google and Facebook

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I recommend boycotting Google and Facebook. I have a lot of stuff to post here that I usually post on Facebook. I think I'm done there except for checking certain schedules and the like. I have to make it a habit because I keep falling back to all the people that I know on Facebook. I'm 62 and Facebook has a bunch of older people on it. I like to know which ones are kicking the bucket. But, they probably don't need my comments anyhow. I've had to unfollow most all of them. Something like 186 or so. I don't think much of what other people think unless it is of my interests. They probably won't miss me either. Censorship by Google is inhumane and I'm a humanist so we no longer get along. I'm looking for things that humans do that brings about knowledge. The crucial decisions that individuals make to allow their greatest potentialities unfold. And, on the social level too: what societies do to enhance knowledge of the unknown; the silence that surrounds everyone. Anything that creates more of the silence (by force) that surrounds knowledge needs to be boycotted, abandoned and left in the past like the dinosaurs; like most all monopolies of the past.


Both sell your information for profit, so yes a very wise move to leave them, at least you are aware enough to realise this, many of a similar age, and younger are not.
I wish you well in your future steemit journey.

My computer is Ubuntu. I will be getting another and it will be a notebook that uses Ubuntu. I never figured out why people were so, how to put it, dumb when it comes to their money and freedom.

Nice choice Ubuntu, I use it also at times. I have no idea either regards the latter.

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