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Andrew Canico VS. Alberto Machado

The rematch between Andrew Canico and Alberto Machado, went very much the same as the first fight. Cancio, put an end to the fight when Machado was deemed unable to continue by the referee in the third round of their WBA featherweight championship bout, after a devastating left hook to the body sent Machado sprawling to the canvas, desperately grasping for air.

After an unexpected loss in the first fight, Machado attempted to change-up his tactics for the rematch, electing to use his natural advantages of height and reach to fight on the outside this time around, but Cancio was relentless in his forward pressure march and stalked Machado like a hungry tiger, waiting for his chance to pounce on the weakened prey.

Cancio improved his record to 21-4-2 and also his performance, as he ended the fight a round earlier than the previous encounter. The future is bright for Andrew and He will now be looking forward to bigger and better opportunities, while Machdo will have to do some soul searching and decide whether he wishes to put the time and effort in, to rebuild his flailing career. Boxing is a cruel and unforgiving profession.

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