Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather - superman punch strategy.

in #boxing4 years ago (edited)

‘Big money fight’ is has been finally scheduled.

According to most experts Conor has zero chance to win this epic battle. Also big boxing stars claim that this will be an easy win for Floyd - the greatest wizard of all time, and that Conor will never gain necessary skills. But will he use only boxing techniques?

Well, technically yes, because this is a boxing match with boxing rules. But what about superman punches or spining backfists...
Stephen Espinoza (Showtime Sports executive vice presiden) clams that superman punches are legal:

(as far as I know, boxing rules allow to punch only when you have at least one leg on the ground)

So will Conor be able to use something extraordinary that may completely surprise Floyd?

What is interesting, In 1985 Roger Mayweather (Floyd's Uncle) was startled with "superman punch" (well something similar to this technique :P), in boxing game against Julio Cesar Chavez. Take a look:

Will Floyd be ready for Conor's MMA background and creativity? Is it possible to bring down such great boxer as Floyd? What are your opinions?

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