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Abount : BitValve
A Full-Featured P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange.
50% less fees than LocalBitcoins and Paxful. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and many coins supported. Full trade encryption, advanced security and availability.


Created account :

  • [✔️] BitValve Register
  • [✔️] Fill up username
  • [✔️] Mail
  • [✔️] Create Password login
  • [✔️] Cek mail verification

participating in our $600.000 airdrop and bounty campaigns at

Link bounty : BitValve Register

Join Campaign social, follow and earn point reward

Follow and support the BitValve Project on the following social media platforms and be rewarded a minimum of 1 BTV for EACH approved action. Simply complete the actions with the links below.
Note: you do not have to complete them all, but the greater your participation, the greater the reward!
Each validated Point in the bounty will be rewarded with 1 BTV (=0.2$)

Rules and Conditions

  • One account per user. Multiple accounts will be deleted and there will be no compensation.
  • You will be compensated with a minimum of 1 BTV for each qualified action.
  • Tokens will be awarded after the ICO.
  • Do not SPAM or use other illegal/nefarious methods to promote BitValve. There is zero tolerance for this.
  • Be creative or constructive in your support. Posts such as simply requoting or saying "to the moon" are not encouraged. In fact, they make you look ridiculous and discredit the project.
  • Accounts will be constantly checked and monitored. We are not interested in "disposable accounts". Periodic checks are conducted to ensure that accounts remain loyal.

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