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Over the years since the history of crypto-currencies investors have been used to centralized exchanges as much as we might want to thank these guys (exchanges) for what they have done so far and how far they have brought us, do they really deserve it?

I mean come to think of it centralized exchanges put crypto investors at a higher risk, some of these exchanges steal investors assets and then they claim hack, they control trade with their bots, your private data is not safe with a centralized exchange, you name it!


More than $10 billion has been stolen in the crypto space and majority of these are hacks on centralized exchanges, in March 2014 an exchange MtGox was hacked and over 800,000 BTC was stolen.

Funny enough these hacks still happen till date, in recent reports another centralized exchange called Bithumb was hacked and approximately $31 million dollars of cryptocurrency was stolen.

Without a change in the underlying infrastructure of these exchanges, similar types of hacking incidents will continue to occur.

We need a revolution, we need decentralized exchanges.


*A centralized exchange is that type of exchange where you do not own private key to your assets and you do not have total control over your assets. :(

*A decentralized exchange is the type of exchange where you have control over your assets. :)

This is why I am supporting this unique decentralized exchange project EPIPHANY, you should learn a thing or two about this new decentralized exchange. READ BELOW! :)



EPIPHANY is a decentralized exchange which distributes transactions through nodes. It's built on NEO blockchain technology and it uses a smart contract network to self-manage the digital assets on the platform.

EPIPHANY will also incorporate a fair brokerage system that will allow users to invest efficiently. This network will guide investors on how to trade.

According to EPIPHANY whitepaper page10, the quantitative trading segment on the platform will include different trading methods found on quantitative analysis which depends on certain mathematical calculations and number compression in order to enable investors to identify the available trading opportunities.

The platform will be in compliance with the global framework, every user will legally benefit from AML ( Anti-money laundering) protective scheme.

"EPIPHANY is however not only a trading platform but also a platform where new projects which are compliant and licensed can offer their digital assets. This multi-purpose platform provides a search engine for multi-platform trading information."


The Epiphany ecosystem is divided into four main components:

a) Fiat money exchange: In this segment qualified and licenced investors (traders) have the option to convert digital assets in their portfolio to fiat currency based on real-time exchange rates.

b) Digital asset trading platform: Traders will have to have their identities verified before they can make use of this platform, this necessary in order to abide by KYC and AML regulations.

c) Clearing and settlement service: The default currency "EPN" will be used for the payment of fees across the ecosystem.

b) Service provider access: Epiphany will provide an API, fees will be charged per utilization and paid in EPN. Other services provided include market making tools for brokers, secure data storage service, credit evaluation system, project rating, and other correlated applications.

You can read more about Epiphany and follow up the project with the useful links below:

WEBSITE: https://epnex.io/

WHITEPAPER: https://epnex.io/static/Epiphany%20Whitepaper.pdf