Shark Trade launches BOUNTY!

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We know that you've been waiting for our bounty campaign🚀Now, you can finally participate in it. Read the rules✅and welcome to Shark Trade team🚀

We’ve created 6 different campaigns for your convenience⬇️⬇️⬇️

🔘Articles and Video campaign is the most profitable, cause it takes 30% of the whole bounty budget. You can get the biggest sum of SC her - write articles or record video with a high quality.

🔘Telegram takes 20% of Bounty Budget

🔘Facebook campaign can bring you additional profit (15% from Bounty budget)

🔘Twitter campaign is simple and considered on fast profit gaining (15% of Bounty budget either)

🔘Steem campaign s rather easy as well. Just subscribe and vote for our articles, then get your SC.

🔘Reddit campaign takes 10% of the Bounty budget as Steem campaign does. You should have at least 20 Karma to participate.

All the rules are described in details here👉🏼

You already have some questions, feel free to ask our Bounty manager👉🏼 @YourSuperManager


Feel bad for people who type good projects 🙄

I love this project.So great.

A great promising project

Very good bounty

Nice Campaign, keep it up

I liked this idea , I will participate !

best project and team

Thanks for the bounty program. Really glad to know about this amazing project.

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good project

Great project


very great and cool idea for this project

happy to be a part of this coool project

Nice project

excelent proyect

The best of crypto

sharktrade is a combination of good ideas & technologies. This project will successful at 100%.

Very good and promising project. I love how the project team works. I think the project has a great future.I'm glad to get to such a promising project.

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