An Issue ICOs in Bounty Campaign

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More campaigns  fake and people who are trying to establish businesses with bounty campaigns should consider as jobs. This is just what I think about it. But the final decision is up to you. Be careful, before you spend months on a bounty campaign and you find out at the end, it is fake. 

Bounties are mostly performed as part of marketing strategy where more than a thousand participants can join the program and publish the ICO's that is being developed newly. They afford such high participation as they pay you Stakes/Tokens allocated as part of the marketing funds. 

Basically when the ICO raise funds then depending upon that they will allocate the price to each token and depending upon what they give X% to the bounty share. Thus they lose nothing from their pockets as such as they just take it from the investors and give it to the bounty participants. 

Market downturn is probably one of the main reasons why ICO projects can't last long and joining their bounty program is useless and a time waster. Due to the fact that the market goes into a nosedive, ICOs are forced to cash out some funds in order to survive. However, it is not enough which is why some of them decide to cancel their ICOs and return the funds of the investors. It means if you have promoted their ICO way back then as a bounty hunter, your time and effort were put to waste. You might be given tokens, but dormant and unusable. 

Been there, done that. I have experienced a lot like a bounty hunter in which all of my hard-work (even some stakes are average to high, sometimes low) was put to waste because of their sudden cancellations, closure of their ICOs, and the worst part is that when we fall of those programs with fake team or so, they would run away with the investors' funds and our reputation would be affected due to promoting them on social media or so.

On top of that, most of their tokens are going downhill the day they started integrating themselves in centralized or decentralized exchanges. Even if they choose to lock it on a certain period of time, it's definitely no use because they're still affected by the dump in which everything is unregulated and uncontrolled.

The future of ICOs and bounty programs are at stake due to the market downturn, and it goes even deeper than that. It looks like it'll take years for us to see the bull run, or maybe no chance at all. If you are participating in any ICOs or joining as bounty hunters, what do you think about this? Let me hear your opinion on this guys! Thank you. 


Conclusion :

Don't be just foolish enough to join each and every bounty that you see in the forum. You always should think twice when you press that reply button and start applying to the bounty programs. 

Being responsible while studying the bounties can be good for you and to the forum members also. Speak out when you sense something suspicious about a bounty program, start posting if you see something good about a bounty! 

Both can make you aware of proper bounty planning and participation.  

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