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The ScarcityDeFi is a yield cultivating administration that offers different prizes all at once including
USDT stable prizes. It has an administration framework that gives full control to the network. The individuals who stake administration token are compensated for adding to the accomplishment of the venture.
It's a double symbolic economy and different prize systems make it more adaptable and alluring. Scant synergizing with ySCR while enhancing the network by having less greatest stockpile in both cases.
From now onwards, SCARCE isn't just a token, it speaks to the entire ScarcityDeFi convention in this paper.


SCARCE is a cutting edge yield cultivating administration that gives trustless vault choices to make basic marking, locking for both individual and undertaking. It's being implicit a prepared climate to move in future conceivable outcomes to improve the administration. It's a complete answer for your decentralized monetary venture at the tip of your finger.
Scant is a deflationary task that is intended to amplify yield cultivating, while the convention constructs a vault with bolted liquidity for eternity. Liquidity mining yields are utilized to repurchase SCARCE on the dynamic Uniswap market, and pay the compensation on the SCARCE project!! This is a fruitful task that has not left me without consideration, I accept that the organization is the best proposal available!



Yield Farming

Scant offers numerous cultivating rewards including
USDT stable token. Cultivating with LP token will return an ensured 100% to 600% APY prize at
ETH/SCARCE LP. While other LP sets can give even higher rewards, for example, USDT/SCARCE LP. Adding liquidity to USDT/SCARCE and ETH/SCARCE pair procures ySCR just as a SCARCE prize.

Dual token economy

Scant token can be bought in the presale prior to the open market, while ySCR doesn't have any presale.
It tends to be asserted by marking SCARCE or purchase in a unified trade in the wake of posting. ySCR brings the extreme incentive to the holders by remunerating with USDT, YFI, UNI, and numerous alternate ways coming.
ySCR stake holds the option to decide in favor of the administration and changes the SCARCE economy.

Locked Liquidity

All SCARCE liquidity provider tokens are locked. Once staked your LP and SCARCE tokens become impossible to liquidate these assets. It’s a vault that is designed to protect your investment.

Uniswap aggregator

Scant presenting its own aggregator for uni swap open market with restricted specific sets. It will permit just matches with SCARCE tokens to quickly trade on their own foundation. One exemption is ETH/USDT pair. More matches can be added later by network casting a ballot.

Uniswap Liquidity

Scant will add bolted liquidity for 365 days with the choice to reach out by network votes. The vault is intended to make long haul monetary accomplishment for Scant financial specialists. The liquidity sum relies upon the raised assets. It will utilize 90% of its assets from the presale in the ETH/SCARCE, USDT/SCARCE matches.

NFT Insurance

Protection is intended to keep down speculators and force up the economy. Clients can acquire utilizing SCARCE protection tokens (erc-1155 standard non-fungible tokens) that assurances to pay rewards. This extends our span much more extensive crowd who like to put resources into NFT. It tends to be exchanged in an open market like the open sea.

Limited Supply

SCARCE token all out stockpile is 9,999 just while the sum getting decreased by consuming 4% token during keen agreement integration.


Scarcity DeFi Rewards

Multiple Yield Farming

SCARCE offers different alternatives for cultivating. Adding liquidity to USDT/SCARCE and ETH/SCARCE pair acquires SCARCE just as ySCR reward.

Insurance NFT farming

Clients can procure utilizing SCARCE protection tokens (erc-1155 standard non-fungible tokens) that assurances to pay rewards. This grows our range much more extensive crowd who like to put resources into NFT. It very well may be exchanged an open market like the open sea.

Stable Token Farming

Scant offers stable symbolic cultivating. Clients need to bolt SCARCE for 90 or 180 or 365 days to acquire from 18% to 48% USDT reward delivered ordinary relatively. The token opening isn't accessible for this component.

ySCR Governance Token

ySCR is the administration token with a most extreme inventory of 1,800 ySCR. It has no presale. Clients who add liquidity or stakes in the USDT cultivating get ySCR reward. Consistently 300 ySCR until max covered. It will straightforwardly be recorded in unified trades at a cost of above $9,000.


Token Information

49.994% (4,999) SCARCE distributed for network rewards, liquidity, marking, and cultivating. Prize circulation is set to a drawn-out arrangement to control the cost swelling. Just 40% of tokens (4,000 SCARCE). Just 10% of tokens (1,000 SCARCE) are for the colleagues.






Pre-sale Distribution



DeFi is experimental and carries an elevated level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest or trade farming tokens you should carefully consider your speculation objectives, level of experience, and risk hunger. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with cryptocurrency investment, and seek advice from an autonomous financial advisor.


project is getting more famous each and every day. There is a high likelihood that the undertaking will turn into a market chief with incredible group work. The thought is unquestionably valuable for all.
This is a generally excellent task and its group is buckling down on this venture so this undertaking will give us an awesome benefit.
We who uphold this venture unquestionably will do to get loads of advantages from the environment. We are with the venture at the beginning so we know the structure and we can spread the voice and welcome individuals to join this astounding undertaking.

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