BitcashPay (The Blockchain Solution for Every Cashless Transaction).

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Bitcashpay is a secure Blockchain infrastructure platform and Defi ecosystem for cashless transactions.
There is a requirement for a new model for crypto exchanging, computerized resources, and globalization. Sanat Hall is inclining toward the downpours of decentralization. As innovation creates, Markazi gravely, governments and controllers should be educated about the threats of burglary and capital misfortune. Bitcash Pay, we need to lessen the innate challans with the focal transformation. These issues incorporate helpless security, concentrated control of computerized resources, repeating timetables, and other outright control issues. We have set ourselves in a place to take the authority in a crypto place for his business.

BitCashPay as of now collects a specialized group and master guides with notable advantages and top to bottom involvement with their particular expert fields, remembering experts with a long-standing commitment for the blockchain business and the turn of events and execution of Internet items. An all-around experienced center group.

What is BitcashPay

BCP Coin is the integral currency of the BitCashPay platform. Information about our
ICO will be announced in our website. We plan to divide the coin sale into different
stages, rewarding early adopters with the highest bonus rate. Once the coins are
sold, there will be no other chance to buy them with the given bonus. To keep BCP's
price steady, BitCashPay will lock out its tokens and release them in regulated
quantities, in a given period.

Currently, many platforms and coins are based on blockchain and cryptocurrency. The developing number of crypto devotees and financial specialists demonstrates that the cryptographic money market actually can possibly develop. Yet, what is appalling is the absence of a stage that can encourage their necessities, for example, exchanging, installment, trading, marking, and so on Regardless of whether there are stages that can meet their crypto needs, these stages are generally ailing in administration, high exchanging idleness, and it is hard to explore the application.

BitCashPay is a blockchain-based stage that intends to make a biological system where clients can without much of a stretch and securely access the different blockchain and cryptographic money administrations, for example, exchanging, sending installments, and so on The BitCashPay arrangement is to make a biological system where individuals can undoubtedly execute installments without stressing over their exchanges or make it simpler for standard clients to get to blockchain administrations.


Features and Services

Crypto Wallet:

With our BCP Wallet you can easily access cryptocurrencies. You can store, View Prices and many more.

Payment System:

This is a solution for businesses. With this, businesses can integrate their payments with the BitCashPay platform.


An exchange platform that allows users to easily and safely exchange their digital assets for lower fees.

ETH 2.0 Staking:

BitCashPay will host nodes for anyone who wants to participate in Ethereum Staking.

Trading Al:

This is Artificial Intelligence that allows users to maximize their profit when trading on the BitCashPay platform.

Crypto Bank:

This is a DeFi solution for crypto investors and enthusiasts. Where they can easily do staking or lending.

BCP Investment Advantages

The token distribution mechanism is optimized to reward actively trading users.
The estimation of the payback period is based on the system of rewards for
investors; to be more specific, this will be based on daily exchange volume.

➤ Automatic dividend payments
➤ Easier KYC and AML process
➤ Long-term share of revenue, profit, or other
key success indicators
➤ Safe and well-regulated area
➤ Speed and effortlessness of purchase and
➤ Transparent token allocation in the
blockchain network

Market Liquidity

Liquidity creation is an essential issue for all current and planned platforms for
cryptocurrency exchange and trading. If a new platform can't create reasonable
liquidity immediately after its launch, it can quickly lose the interest of early
traders, and this can inevitably lead to a premature end of the whole system. We
are fully aware of this issue, and that is why we have developed our strategic
market creation plan.

Loyal Community:

Our goal was not just to create an environment for trading but also for seamless
communication of our users, simple sharing of trading experience, and support of
specific roles (asset managers, margin lenders, investors, and others).

Resale of Tokens:

Safe exchange platforms like BitCashPay
with all necessary licenses will be the first stop for most of them. BitCashPay will
provide a resale of trustworthy tokens.

Lower Fees:

BitCashPay will not only offer lower fees than the
most, but our fees will also be precisely adjusted according to the volume of
transactions and current activity on the market.

Marketing Campaign:

Our advertisement and PR experts have carefully chosen marketing channels to
target the proper audience. The critical points of our strategy are precision and
measurable effectiveness.


BitcashPay Token

BitcashPay (BCP) is an ERC20 compliant token issued on the Ethereum platform. It ensures security and speed of transactions as well as compatibility with third-party services.

Symbol: BCP

Total Supply:

850,000,000 BCP

Initial Token Rate:

1ETH = 15,000BCP

Final Token Rate:

1ETH = 10,000BCP

Reserved Coins:

175M BCP

Soft Cap:


Hard Cap:


Token Distribution


Road Map


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White Paper

Road Map

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