SILVER BOUNTY FOR SCUMBAG (or crypto your choice)

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Hi folks,

After falling victim to @therealwolf 's scams and theft I've decided to end my little steemit experiment but before I do I'd like to arrange a face to face in real life meeting with this lying stealing scumbag of a human and to help facilitate that I thought a good ole fashioned bounty might be in order.

15 silver pieces and 1 small silver bar (~$350 USD)to anyone that can arrange an irl f2f meeting for me. I'm retired at 32 and just wanted to game and sail my life away as I progressed(hopefully) along the great path. I have nothing but time and patience and not a lot but not a little resources to help me on my way. Taking down a scamming scumbag that steals from abused childrens charities seems like a decent way to spend my free time.

Want to do something good for the world. Help me make it known that scamming abused childrens charities is unacceptable. Texas Style.

Note : if you'd prefer crypto that can certainly be arranged btc/eth/ltc and a few alt options are available if you don't like the silver. Just thought it had a fun quality to it. Silver bounty for scumbag.


why dont u donate that $350 to the charity u were apparently gonna support?


I agree 100%

It is vein wriggling! (in a crunchy way) when reading about fallouts that go deep and complex in the wrong directions.
Oh lack of human contact we miss yoooooo (sigh)

Time to talk to robot brain:

Everyone's in a room somewhere tapping away, building emotion blocks byte per byte, but when negative occurs between, they never dispute and resolve with compromise, instead they go all infuriated and create expanding negative zones like black mind holes, sucking shit in instead of projecting progress, getting miffed and bothered and growing bad seeds in their own systems making money disguised as worthless do nothing.

They will argue until end of time unless public is quiet out of thought and fight. People who involved get room and talk until hours/days needed to resolve. Maths teach us everything has equation to find solution. Emotions are all that stand in way. But what are they really based on? The matter at hand? or the way one feels about another? Emotion frequency needs downturn, calm logical assessment of damage and situation. Reset. Start as if new day, new start. Never should be embarassment to reset, change, sorry, amend or thinking different! We are nature. We just prone to get stuck on control.

So much money must be floating around, crying that it bored of creation, all creation does is buy dumb and pass time boringly in an entertaining way. Money needs use...else, why be alive? Amend problems, if amend not possible or too much energy required to neutral, then quantum forget. You know you know. But you dont need to care that you know. Not for now anyway. Quantum forget allows system to revisit situation in future to amendfix ifwhen possible down line. New lines, different directions might be vital for progress before revisit old problem.

}}}}}}}}}}-------- - - - - - - - - - -

Needs to be a little less vein scratchy.... i hope you get your dooms resolved. Sounds like you're another talent being lost into the vortex of never ending disputes... be nice to see what else your brain offers world :D

omg this is GOLD - u earn one of my 5 follows for the day

heh ah-why.ah-thank. ah-yoooh! :D

I might be more inclined to believe this if you weren't spamming it all over everyone's posts. Furthermore, you have yet to be specific, as far as I've seen, which is sort of required when making an accusation of theft.

Well your account has been ruined which is a real shame if you were trying to do some good. I'm sure the situation could have been handled very differently as from what I have read this all resulted from a misunderstanding.

As others have said, create a post explaining in detail how you believe you were wronged. Right now there is nothing concrete to look at.

If you have been wronged, I'll be more than happy to help vote your account back up to a reputation of 25. But you really need to stop spamming comments on everyones posts...

This guy also randomly spammed me, agreed

Hey buddy, can you explain me what smartsteem has done to you. I'm asking as a friend not as a enemy

ধন্যবাদ । আরো পোস্ট আশাকরছি।শুভকামনা।

Will you please make another post tomorrow going into detail about the crime committed? It would help others who want to support you better judge how to go about this

There is a Japanese proverb of the samurai, if you sit for a long time on the river bank, you can see how the body of your enemy is passing by you. My advice to you, hide the silver, develop your blog, wait. God sees everything. I was not returned money several times, who won this? They? They lost a loyal customer in my face. I lost my salary from one post, and they lost many times more. Be strong. Maybe my blog, still young, but, from me can count on support, but, only not in disputes. And, please, remove your posts from my blog. Thank you in advance.

Did you scream on you?

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