Issues which the toqqn platform intends to curb

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Billions of individuals over the world don't know about crypto currency or where to get it. Toqqn is will certainly bring about a radical change in that direction. That is the reason they are going to utilize this platform to place crypto in the hands of their users.

Issues which the toqqn platform intends to curb are:
Decentralization - the greatest test confronting the Toqqn group is the way to totally decentralize their platform. Their definitive objective is to evacuate any client information stored on our servers, therefore totally decentralizing the platform and guaranteeing that our clients' information will never been sold or hacked for benefit. The main issue is that advanced technologies are not ready to make a completely decentralized platform. Along these lines, they will join the best of conventional and blockchain innovation to give a secured platform that does not store client information on our servers.
As the technology permits, they completely coordinate the platform with the blockchain to decentralize all client information. They will likely dispatch DAPP when the platform ends up stable.

Network Content Quality- To develop any network, content must be phenomenal. Accordingly, the test is to make a platform to pull in a client base that produces incredible substance that different clients will acknowledge and utilize.
The capacity to recieve remunerations in cryptocurrrencies for using the platform is a ground-breaking impetus for clients to remain included and contribute astounding substance. This guarantees helpful, interesting substance has added to the platform, and in the meantime draws in a wide client base. More clients and substance will likewise prompt an expansion in the measure of spam that is being added to the platform; they plan to conquer this with the "clients are mediators" feature.

Pulling back funds- because of the expenses related with the exchange, members will be permitted to at first pull back tokens that they obtained once per week. As technology shows signs of improvement the team plan to make day by day payouts conceivable.

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