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A great deal of new organizations are at present using blockchain for everything, from music sharing to overall portions, from checking valuable stone arrangements to the endorsed cannabis industry. This is the reason the advancement has a monstrous potential. With respect to cutting edge exchanges and assets, you can put anything on the blockchain.
Blockchain is basically an appropriated database that keeps shared records. These records are blocks, and each block of encoded code has a record of the block history before it. Each block fuses time-ventured information on the exchanges made down to the second. The effect is a bind of those blocks to get them together; in this manner, its name.
A blockchain has two vital sections: a changeless record that the system keeps, and a decentralized system affirming and empowering exchanges. Everyone with access to the system could see this normal trade information, yet there is no likelihood that the records can be debased or hacked. This decentralized trust suggests there is no one affiliation that controls the information, be it a tech mammoth or a noteworthy cash related foundation

Elisia is a dynamic system of blockchains which intends to decide the issues and make an unrivaled blockchain which is versatile, lightning speed with no charge exchanges, and empowering potential customers to make Decentralized Applications (DAPPS). This is practiced with an assention instrument that relies upon the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) chains with various sidechains including differing counts like proof of stake (POS), proof of work (POW) and Delegated proof of stake (DPOS), etc. Elisia gets rid of the misunderstandings of its predecessors, dealing with the issues of flexibility and growing exchanges each second, and moreover passing on blockchain advancement closer to mass choice.

Elisia wants to give a simple to utilize stage to manufacture customer determination of blockchain development with everything taken into account. Elisia platform is based over an uncommonly secure blockchain, joining the mix of different headways. At Elisia, all critical blend of blockchain advancement advantage is ever on their fingertips. Elisia's gathering of masters works day and night to give its clients a lifetime free spilling blockchain development using the best decentralized instruments available.

Elisia is adequately versatile to proceed with dynamic action of thousands of mechanical survey DApps meanwhile, while the military-audit security of the Elisia Platform ensures the soundness of the system. Furthermore, every exchange inside the Elisia Platform, is free of cost. There are no hidden charges included. The exchanges quickly meet up at the perfect objective at a quick speed.

It ought to be noticed that the center explanation behind Elisia's advancement was to encourage quicker exchanges in the most limited time. It didn't end there as Elisia likewise includes a five installment framework arrangement:

• No Fees: Elisia offers its clients no exchange expense instead of the high exchange charges that accompany customary installment frameworks. Elisia has the capacity to offer low expenses as a result of its creative highlights.

• Fast: Elisia was created to supplant the low exchange speed of conventional installment frameworks. It can't bear to commit same errors so it accompanied a quicker and less complex exchange process that is constantly proficient in spite of the quantity of clients.

• Simple to utilize: The stunning thing about Elisia is its straightforwardness. Elisia requests just a straightforward procedure for different exchanges and procedures to be executed.

• Commitment to Privacy and Confidentiality: This may stun you however on the Elisia arrange, you are permitted to utilize Blockchain innovation to perform speedy exchanges and we as a whole realize that there is nothing that guarantees protection like Blockchain innovation.

• Low Volatility: The likelihood of experiencing variance in the system is relatively outlandish as measures are set up to prevent such.
ICO Start Date: November 30th 6am GMT
ICO End Date: January 25th 5:59 am GMT
Soft Cap: 5000ETH
Hard Cap: 50000ETH
Token Price: 0.0001ETH
TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 ELSA
CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x96c9126ee53fe08cc28fb08248915c76af3e3568

For more information about Elisia, visit the following links:
WEBSITE: https://elisia.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://elisia.io/white-paper.pdf
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5066777.0
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/elisiaio
FACEBOOK: https://web.facebook.com/Elisia-199175400981031/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Elisiaio

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