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Cryptocurrency is a distortive development that can make P2P exchanges done rapidly and inexpensively. Be that as it may, outrageous vacillations in its value make the utilization of cryptocurrency for all intents and purposes negligible. The strength in its value is required for shippers to exchange merchandise and enterprises since they need a fixed net revenue. Thus, Alprockz AG propelled a steady coin venture called ROCKZ which is attached to the fiat Swiss Franc (CHF) to diminish chances because of the unpredictability of the cryptourrency.

ROCKZ is another digital currency that brings robustness and trust into the unpredictable cryptourreny ecosystem out of the blue. Dissimilar to different digital currencies ROCKZ is upheld in incentive to one of the world's most grounded and most supportable monetary forms, the Swiss Franc, in a 100% transparent and legitimately enforceable way.
ROCKZ is stable, forever upheld by fiat and doesn't have pointless counterparty, market or security dangers. This makes ROCKZ a solid device for a wide scope of investors willing to fix their benefit and hold it in ROCKZ amid tempestuous occasions.

The fundamental issue of the present crypto industry is the nonappearance of a strong association with the genuine economy. Crypto markets are exceptionally simple to enter, yet is related with costs, dangers and challenges. Nowadays numerous groups are endeavoring to create stable cryptocurrencies to encourage worldwide reception and stay away from dangers that are referenced previously.
Tie is the best-known answer for this issue. Quick development and over $2bn showcase capitalization demonstrates gigantic interest for such stable coins. In any case, Tether and other comparable resource supported coins have numerous defects that ROCKZ does not have.
It's an ideal opportunity to make a really dependable and stable cryptourreny that will end up being a strong extension between the conventional and digital exonomy.


Strength: Holders of the Rockz digital currency are ensured of its solidness because of the reality the coin is supported by the Swiss Francs, which is a standout amongst the most stable coin in the economy whose value has been relentlessly ascending throughout the years.
Straightforwardness: For each Rockz issued by the Rockz Company, one Swiss Franc is held in the stores. The stores are evaluated every month by a universally perceived free inspector, and all the coin holders will get the review results promptly the review is finished.

Agreeable with Regulations: The makers of the Rockz cryptocurrency will execute a solid and thorough legitimate system that will be utilized to encourage the task and requirement of the Rockz. Thus, Rockz are reclaimed and issued as indicated by the Swiss Regulatory necessities.
Secure: The Swiss Francs Reserves claimed by the Rockz organization and the working records are held in various records to guarantee that reserves are not abused. If there should be an occurrence of the organization's chapter 11, the coin holders will in any case approach their assets. Besides, every one of the holders of Rockz should experience the KYC procedure so as to avert misrepresentation or robbery.
Alleviation From Risk: By sponsorship the Rockz coin with a standout amongst the most steady digital currencies on the planet, the coin is shielded from a portion of the significant market dangers clients are probably going to confront while executing with the coin.

From the plausibility point of view, this steady coin venture is generally okay. This stableness highlight exists on the grounds that the ROCKZ token (RKZ) is sponsored by the Swiss Franc (CHF) with a 1:1 proportion. Besides, Swiss Franc itself is the most stable fiat cash on the planet since Switzerland is a stable created nation, in the economy and furthermore in geopolitics. In contrast to its rival, USD could vacillate because of US geopolitical approaches (for instance in light of war or some wreckage in the Middle East).
After I direct this basic examination, I think this ICO isn't a trick, on the grounds that:
• A task of Switzerland organizations (Alprockz AG and ROCKZ AG). Switzerland is a nation that is great in banking guidelines and client assurances;
• Realistic and basic plan of action;
• The character of the team is certifiable, there is a youtube video that demonstrates this announcement; and
• The team visits and participates in different conferences.
The above certainties demonstrate that this ROCKZ token is worth to be gathered and is truly far-fetched this is a trick venture. Moreover, this token can possibly be the best support token, in light of the fact that inherent esteem is upheld by Swiss Franc (CHF) with a 1:1 proportion that is more steady than USD or gold.
Token Symbol <<>> APZ
● PreICO Price <<>> 1 APZ = 0.36 USD
● Price <<>> 1 APZ = 0.6 CHF
● Bonus <<>> Available
● MVP/Prototype <<>> Available
● Platform <<>> Ethereum
● Accepting <<>> BTC, ETH, Fiat
● Minimum investment <<>> 1,000 CHF
● Country <<>> Switzerland
● Whitelist/KYC <<>> KYC & Whitelist
● Restricted areas <<>> USA, China, North Korea, Iran, Somali, Myanmar

For more or further details, please! Kindly follow the links below:
WEBSITE: https://alprockz.io
WHITEPAPAPER: https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/alprockz-docs/RockzWhitePaperEnglish_v2.pdf
ANNOUNCEMENT TREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5066575
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RockzPlatform
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RockzPlatform
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@rockz
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/Alprockz
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/alprockz-ag

BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2199806
AUTHOR: cryptoobiobi

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