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Ethlyte Crypto was launched in January 2017 in Germany (registered in London (UK) on 27th December 2018).

With a total supply of 10million and circulation supply of less than 500k, Ethlyte Crypto aims to drive the mass adoption of cryptoassets and upend the exchange and cashless industries – especially online and offline payment segments with its State-of-the-Art business model and top blockchain technologies.

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Investing in Sleeping beauties like this especially when they are young but have the potential to break even because of great people supporting it can be a great decision and also a transformation vehicle for someone.
Ethlyte has a great team with working product and will be around for a long time to come.

Send in your comments, upvote and resteem in order for others to join.
I'll also advice you do your own research before you invest.
Thanks a lot and enjoy the new year!


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This is good news, i have been using ethlyte mobile app for some time now it is very reliable. I agree with you that ethlyte is sleeping beauty considering the total supply.

Thanks for sharing this vital info worthy of resteeming.
Did my research and found out that this project is worthy of investing in. Good team and reliable product.

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