Top Bounty: Steem,Bitcoin,EOS & ETH Payment System:

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Many people wonder why some people are successful in the crypto space and many others fail? the simple answer lies on the rich man´s strategy which put succinctly : search and invest in undervalued stocks (in crypto space: coins or tokens) with great team and projects.
One amazing example is a new payment project for top coins like steem, bitcoin, EOS, Eth et al see ethlyte website

The conundrum, however, is: how can someone easily get this scarce token with little effort? and the answer is join their bounty program see link here: Ethlyte bounty follow all rules there (you will get your referral ID which credits you 5% bonus-see ethlyte bounty for information) plus join their telegram group: Telegram where you can ask more questions (also see their twitter page and follow them : Ethlyte twitter ).

For more information on ethlyte bounty , watch this Youtube video and subscribe to their youtube channel :

Source : Ethlyte bounty video

In conclusion, Warren Buffet (Oracle of Omaha) success lies on finding what he calls sleeping beauties (undervalued stocks) and investing in them (catch them when they are young) -we too can be the next Oracle of Omaha -only if we act accordingly (steem and

Do you agree? Send in your comments, upvote and resteem in order for others to join.

Note:I am not an investment adviser thus, the contents in this post is my personal opinion after my research-so please do your own research. I wish you all success.


Excellent team, innovative product, realistic timeline, cheap and undervalued token! Great timing for wise investor to grab this opportunity!

Good point, see you in the moon

Sure. Already going for ethlyte bounty 💪

Very well and articulated post about a rich man strategy. I joined Ethlyte´s bounty and crowd sale and love the innovative project. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your comment...

I think I identify with this project because it is well thought out. The team is also sure to deliver. Great project. I wish it success !

Thanks for your comment

Love the concept of ethlyte bounty. Looking into it now. Like and retweeted already 👌

Great, thanks for your comment

This is funny, that someone wrote a post about what he feels about some undervalued coins and another person is calling it advertisement. The truth is that ethlyte is undervalued. Nice post at Charles1 upvoted and reestem

Welcome and thanks

@ charles1 hello dear friend welcome.
excellent material, I agree with what you propose, it is secret to compare low value coins, see them grow and get rid of them at the precise moment
I wish you a prosperous day

Good point my friend, thanks for your comment

Thanks for the information my friend! I also love airdrop and bounty!;)

Welcome buddy, then act accordingly and get your ethlyte token

Seems like an advertisement to me lol but Digibyte and Deeponion are probably the best coins out there with a great development team.

Everyone has his or her own opinion isnt it? I like both coins too

Do you want to argue on this?

I like both coins too . Deeponion has a solid security in it...great team the same with digibyte.

Hmm. And I trust what you are doing for digibyte and deeponion is not advert on another person's post?

You advertised Digibyte and onion on some ones post about another project and upvoted your comment? I will see how you will react when someone does it to you.

Such comments from you is not in the spirit of steemit or what steemit shd stand for. Advertising on another's post while claiming the owner of the post is doing what you just did. Bad!

You are right

Great information provided by beautiful results
Well done, my friend

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