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SERO is world's first anonymous currency platform subject to Zero Knowledge Proof that supports Smart Contracts, this suggests customers will more likely than not issue and trade secretly with ERC20 Token or ERC721 Token, smart contract, which has a unique characteristic application.

SERO boasts of four sorts of benefits; SERO coins, anonymous Tokens, Tickets, and Packages, together contain the features of the SERO ecosystem's anonymous resources. These benefit types are faultlessly organized in a single coding structure, united with the programming of these advantages by Turing complete smart contract of SERO platform, specialists and developers can pioneer the use of various privacy-related DApps that are not reinforced on the past system in the blockchain, and are suitable for the execution of business necessities in various privacy insurance fields.

Rapidly, the SERO structure keeps an eye on the underneath boundaries in the obscure currency region:

  • Anonymous currency does not support smart contract, anonymous system can't issue assets for Dapp programming.

  • Zero-knowledge shows and encryption are moderate

  • Industry requires 100% obscure money subject to zero-knowledge verification.

How SERO understands the encryption speed issues of Zero Knowledge Proof

For the blockchain structure with non-intuitive zero-knowlegde proofs ( NIZK) plot, the best application bottleneck is the long time of trade proofs. In spite of the way that Zcash starting late redesigned the sapling version, unknown trades can set aside a long exertion to move, as it were, affecting convenience. Especially because of a great deal of UTXO per exchange, the time allotment of transactions is impressively continuously horrendous. So on the Zcash structure, pretty much 10% of exchanges are anonymous, the rest are unequivocal currency exchanges. The manner in which that Zcash is over-addressed has therefore genuinely impacted Zcash's lack of definition security.


  • SERO has made a cross breed exchange model of Bitcoin's UTXO and Ethereum's ACCOUNT model. In the figuring layer of privacy security, UTXO mode is grasped, and the ACCOUNT plan which is reliably proportionate can be mapped to help the assignment of Turing complete smart contract virtual machine. SERO joins the two precedents reliably through exchanges, agreement, and the Pedersen Commitment algorithm, enabling smart contracts to perform incredibly well.
    Improved SERO experience is adequate to help 100% anonymity for all trades in the SERO, so the whole anonymous exchanging system doesn't have unequivocal currency addresses, which deals with the issue of unknown security immaculately.

SERO's Hybrid Model

  • SERO's Zero knowledge verification framework, Super-ZK, has made an accomplishment in a couple of points stood out from Zcash.

  • SERO phenomenally improves the encryption time of Zero Knowledge Proof age by propelling Zero Knowledge Proofs age speed ( at a comparative security level, zero knowledge proof age speed is a solicitation of enormity higher than that of Zcash)

  • SERO produces NIZK using the zk-Snarks derech framework, Using the ALT_BN128 curve and Groth16 preprocessing process, this method takes 1/3 less time than the PGHR13 preprocessing plan.

  • SERO achieved on numerous occasions (20x) faster encryption against Zcash during testnet.

  • SERO uses a lone input and output structure, all of which is associated by an advantages channel, which is progressively separated being developed and gives a triple addition in parallel execution capability by virtue of multi-center CPU.

  • Some segment of the code for Super-ZK is written in low dimension registering develop, upgrading building structures, for instance, asset portion and making it progressively gainful to execute code.

  • SERO uses a Twisted Edwards elliptic curve when making an open key, To override the SHA256 calculation and use ECC Hash to deliver the Merkle tree, the exchange speed can be developed various events with multiple occasions.


A token like ERC20 and ERC721 token can be issued by SERO smart contracts. Like SERO coin, it is furthermore anonymous reliant on zero knowledge proof and can be modified with smart contract. This is a urgent improvement for the whole cryptographic money market.

The SERO Token is the fundamental token to be used in the SERO environment and can be utilized to encourage exchanges, the token can likewise be utilized to remunerate calculation suppliers and can be utilized by clients for various purposes in their DApp or SERO related biological system. The token can likewise be utilized as a bookkepping reward and can be utilized for computational reward.


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