BetTronLive Bounty 1,000,000 RAKE (10M TRX) TO GRAB

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Announcing BetTronLive Bounty 1,000,000 RAKE TOKENS (10M TRX) TO GRAB

If you follow this Bitcointalk link, you will find all the rules and guidelines:

We have allocated 1,000,000 RAKE tokens for any bounty hunters to grab. You can join the social media campaigns or whatever suits your qualification.

Below are the campaigns:

  • Facebook: 10%
  • Twitter: 10%
  • Instagram: 5%
  • Signature: 15%
  • YouTube: 10%
  • Reddit: 5%
  • Steemit: 15%
  • Live video promotion: 10%
  • Medium: 5%
  • Special Bounty Fund: 15%

All the details are explained in the Bitcointalk thread link above. There is even a special fund for individuals who actively promote and support BetTronLive’s project in a way that is not included in the list above.

Head on to the BTT Bounty Thread and see what is in store for you!

Start RAKE-ing in the tokens.

Follow the link above to find out how to earn #RAKE tokens.

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beautiful project. Congrats team.

Wow , a lot of rewards, so excited for this project🤩

Hmm what a grab with this Rake tokens

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Lot of bounty chances & awesome rewards. Goodluck #BetTronLive

This is a great project and we're so excited to join🍀

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Hoping to be one of the winner. God Bless

this is definitely awesome and great rewards for people. keep rockin' @betttronlive

Wow tha this a very generous incentives rewards. A lot of people are really missing out on this project.

This is too good not to grab!

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Thanks for giving us a chance to hold Rake

Amazing! a lots of rewards to be raked!

One of the most generous bounty program in the space. 10 Million TRX it that does not include the 3.5 Million TRX free lottery!

Very excited to play😀😀😀😀

The Dapps are extremely useful and Bettronlive's incorporating this innovation will surely make the platform easily by a lot of users. More users mean real stability that will eventually turn to growth!

Wow! This is huge!

great incentives